How do I Apply the Inhibitor? Cut seal. Place cap over base. Clean skin. Place probes across irritation, ugly blister or weeping lesion. Push and release RED start button. Keep probes on skin as color lights turn on and timed electro waves flow across afflicted site. Changing lights indicate signal reversal until all lights are off and application ends. Replace cap over probes. 

How soon do I repeat applications? Use the Inhibitor hourly on a blister or lesion to allow natural healing. Apply early, half hourly, during tingling, itching or burning to stop outbreaks. 

How often should I use the Inhibitor? Apply the Inhibitor up to eight times daily on each affliction, until resolved. 

Are all applications the same? Actually, one may vary from the basic cold sore application. For shingles, complete one application, then lift and rotate Inhibitor probes one quarter turn (90 degrees) and reapply. Shingles cause multiple sites and require many applications.

How do I know It is working if I can't feel anything? A harmless slight electro “tickle” may be felt during signal flow and a shocklike sensation at signal reversal. After initial outbreaks, sensations diminish as later recurrences are less intense. Wetting skin may enhance signals and sensations. To test the Inhibitor, see Support above. 

How long will the Inhibitor Last? Because the battery is enclosed, it may exceed use-by-date. The Inhibitor may perform for years with light use on cold sores. With heavy use, the Inhibitor may perform over a year. 

Can I share my Inhibitor? Don't! Each person needs their own Inhibitor to prevent viral transfer. Remember, there is no known way to "kill" a non living virus. Due to the resistant nature of viruses; cleaning, alcohol or sterilizing are ineffective in eliminating viruses from surfaces.