Cold Sore Inhibitor? CSI  For Oral Herpes! Disrupt & STOP virus, Prevent & Eliminate sores; 100% say Customers, Doctors, Studies & Trials. Consumer, white, 2Light, 90day,1,2yr replace warranty. 30,000 Sold 7 years! 

Viral Inhibitor Pro? VIP  For ALL Herpes!  STOP recurr pervasive Shingles, Genital, Molluscum, Warts & Moles.  Professional, blue, 4Light, 1,2,3yr replace warranty.  THOUSANDS of APPLICATIONS, for Years, Pennies per Apply ! 

Herpes Cure?  Can't kill nonliving virus!  100,000 times small, invades cell, copies millions, bursts & infests more.  Alerted immune toughens walls & flushes to blisters.  Some enter nerves & Inhibited.  Cold, fever, stress, tired, sun.. cause re-emerge, new attacks.    

Inhibitor Heal?  No, Apply-STOP/Disrupt recurr Herpes outside nerves; up to 8 times daily,  hourly to EliminateUgly blisters faster in days not weeks;  or early, half-hourly at itching, tingling or burning to Prevent sores. 

APPLY Inhibitor?  Clean skin.  Put tips across sore.  Push/release RED start button.  Electro Waves light 1st color, reverses 2nd & off.  May tickle or mild tingle at reverse.  Wet skin to increase Signal.  If All lights on, dry some. 

Inhibitor for Me?  Safe, non-invasive, non-chemical, non-addictive, no side-effects, handheld, portable & private. With use, attacks decrease in severity, frequency & duration. BUY NOW!   Have on hand when need! 

TEST Inhibitor?  Press probes black sides to a quarter.  Push & release RED start button.  All lights on, Working!  Repeat on round probe tips & Clean if need by rubbing tips accross soft dry cloth.