Cold Sore/Fever Blister - Oral Herpes Simplex I - (light-use white CSI - Cold Sore Inhibitor 2light). Testimonials report EARLY Application Prevents lesions; If blisters, recovery in hours or days not weeks.

Genital Lesion - Herpes Simplex II - (heavy-use color VIP - Viral Inhibitor Pro 4light). Electro sensations may be more intense. Genital moisture may stop output (all colors on). DRY & Re-Apply. Pre-lesion symptoms vary, Apply immediately.

Shingles - Herpes Zoster - (heavy-use color VIP - Viral Inhibitor Pro 4light). Choose sites of pain, rash and blisters. Multiple outbreak areas affect recovery time, requiring more Applications. Use Criss-Cross pattern.

Molluscum - Herpes Contagium - (medium-use color VIP - Viral Inhibitor Pro 4light). Apply to painful hard pearly white tiny papules. Detection is difficult but early Application prevents papules.

Warts, Moles and Growths - Herpes Papilloma Condyloma - (heavy-use color VIP - Viral Inhibitor Pro 4light). Apply 4-Star pattern to each wart, mole or growth. Wet skin to increase conduction (all lights on, too wet). Continue a few months as they shrink.

LOW COST! Enclosed, Battery may exceed use-by-date. The Color-Model VIP - Viral Inhibitor Pro may perform for several years in light-use (cold sores), or over a year in heavy-use (shingles). Economical, only Pennies per Application. Replace warranty White-Model 90 days, Color-Model 1 year, extended may be purchased.

Disposable Viral Inhibitor : to reduce viral contamination transfer to others or re-infest of self!

TEST, hold Viral Inhibitor probes' sides to a metal coin (quarter), then push and release RED start-button. All color lights ON simultaneously indicate proper functioning. Repeat on probes' rounded tips. May use light abrasive to remove substances from rounded tips.

Do not immerse the Viral Inhibitor in liquids. The manufacturer warrants the Viral Inhibitor to apply less than 10 volts across probes and less than 10 milliamps between probes, and makes no other claims for its efficacy in use, nor supports any views expressed on this website.